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10 Common Web Security Vulnerabilities

10 Common Web Security Vulnerabilities

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10 Common Web Security Vulnerabilities

The use of open source and reliance on application programming interfaces (APIs) also exacerbate security concerns. Using an accountancy web application as an example where typically there are different user roles. For example users with the role of https://g-markets.net/software-development/what-is-a-cloud-engineer-and-how-do-you-become-one/ a chief financial officer have access to everything while accounts clerks should only have access to the financial transactions of their departments. However, it’s important to note that these aren’t the only vulnerabilities you should be aware of.

While many of the vulnerabilities on the OWASP Top Ten list deal with implementation errors, this vulnerability describes failures in design that undermine the security of the system. Access control systems are intended to ensure that only legitimate users have access to data or functionality. Vulnerabilities in the broken access control category include any issue that allows an attacker to bypass access controls or that fails to implement the principle of least privilege.

Common Web Security Vulnerabilities

If it’s unclear which library or component version is being used, the application may be vulnerable. The OWASP Top 10 for 2021 contained more application data than any previous report the foundation had put out. The data volume required a shift in how the project categorized vulnerabilities.

web application vulnerabilities

Cryptography is a critical security measure that is used to protect data in transit and at rest. Yet, many web applications do not use cryptography properly, leading to a number of serious vulnerabilities including potentially devastating code theft. For example, data can be easily intercepted and read if it is not properly encrypted or encryption keys can be easily guessed or stolen if they are not properly protected. Web application vulnerabilities are security weaknesses that allow threat actors to manipulate source code, gain unauthorized access, steal data, or otherwise interfere with the normal operation of the application.

Insecure message-digest vulnerability

However, these applications also commonly contain exploitable vulnerabilities, often due to a lack of awareness of these vulnerabilities and security best practices for avoiding them. In order to prevent these kinds Cyber Security Specialist Job Description template and pdf with duties 2023 of vulnerabilities, it is important to implement proper access control measures in your web application. Vulnerabilities can be introduced into software during the development process in a couple of different ways.

  • Usually, hackers hide such scripts in links, images, or videos, so when a user opens the website, the malicious code installs into their browsers.
  • IDORs can also be used to bypass security measures such as access control checks.
  • Cross-site scripting attacks can significantly damage a web company’s reputation by placing the users’ information at risk without any indication that anything malicious even occurred.

Authenticated web application scanning helps you find vulnerabilities that exist behind these login pages. While automated attacks targeting your external systems are highly likely to impact you at some point, a more targeted attack that includes the use of credentials is possible. Vulnerability scanners are automated tests that identify vulnerabilities in your web applications and their underlying systems. Besides that, Invicti, Acunetix, Veracode, and Checkmarx are powerful tools that can scan an entire website or application to detect potential security issues such as XSS.

Comprehensive AppSec Guides and Services

However, while this is undoubtedly convenient, it’s also a golden opportunity for cyber attackers. In essence, while access control is our digital guardian, it’s crucial to ensure that it’s foolproof to keep out those with malicious intentions. Such weaknesses or vulnerabilities allow criminals to gain direct and public access to databases that contain valuable information (e.g., financial details or personal data), making them a frequent target of attacks. But what if because of a flaw in the design the web application allows the accounts clerks to see the financial records of each other’s’ departments?

web application vulnerabilities

Their expertise and experience in identifying and addressing vulnerabilities can significantly strengthen your application’s security posture. As the best cyber security company, Green Method can help you conduct regular security assessments, perform penetration testing, and provide ongoing monitoring to identify and mitigate potential threats proactively. Sanitizing application inputs and outputs, and adopting secure coding practices, can protect applications against most vulnerabilities.

Most Common High Risk Vulnerabilities:

It is also important to keep all software up-to-date as new security misconfiguration vulnerabilities are constantly being discovered. One of the most common problems with RFI is that developers do not properly sanitize user input, which allows attackers to inject their own files into the page. Another issue is that developers often use static include paths which makes it easy for attackers to guess the path and inject their own files.

  • Cryptographic algorithms are invaluable for protecting data privacy and security; however, these algorithms can be very sensitive to implementation or configuration errors.
  • Ever-increasing cloud architecture complexity means SSRF is occurring at a higher frequency.
  • This type of website application vulnerability can give the attacker full control of the user’s browser and can be extremely dangerous to any website.
  • SSRF flaws happen when web applications fetch user-requested remote sources without verifying the destination first.

The Capital One hack is an example of a recent, high-impact security incident that took advantage of an SSRF vulnerability. Injection vulnerabilities are made possible by a failure to properly sanitize user input before processing it. This can be especially problematic in languages such as SQL where data and commands are intermingled so that maliciously malformed user-provided data may be interpreted as part of a command. For example, SQL commonly uses single (‘) or double (“) quotation marks to delineate user data within a query, so user input containing these characters might be capable of changing the command being processed. Injection flaws can happen when we pass unfiltered data to the SQL server (SQL injection), to the browser (via Cross Site Scripting), to the LDAP server (LDAP injection), or anywhere else.


There are multiple factors to prevent this type of attack, unique to the organizational security implemented. There is no “one size fits all” in security, but, creating a layered offensive security bundle is the best way to ensure strong security against this attack. The sheer volume of vulnerabilities makes an adaptable, layered cybersecurity solution more important than ever. While some vulnerabilities are latent and low on the scale of exploitation, we do keep a list of active and highly exploitable vulnerabilities. Web app security is a journey and can’t be ‘baked-in’ retrospectively to your application just before release. Embed testing with a vulnerability scanner throughout your entire development lifecycle to help find and fix problems earlier.

10 Common Web Security Vulnerabilities

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